Bravewood 1964 Jazz Bass


The Bravewood 1964 Jazz Bass is a relic guitar based on the great jazz guitars built by Bravewood in the 1960s; in this case, it’s specifically based on their 1964 model.  The guitar has a great sound, and it’s very versatile.  bravewood-1964-jazz-bassIn fact, it can be played for much more than just jazz, although that’s where this guitar really shines.  It is very well balanced and has a great sound.  The fingerboard has no to very little buzz on it, and the sounds this guitar can produce are sure to make everyone stand up and listen.

The Bravewood 1964 Jazz Bass features a select alder body and a rosewood fretboard.  It has a nitro-cellulose finish that has been reliced so that it looks like it’s been played forever.  You’ll get plenty of comments on the vintage aged bridge, the worn parts, and the fact that the body and neck have been distressed.  Of course, this is all just for show—the relic guitar itself plays like it’s brand new.

The owner of Bravewood Guitars, John Elliot, makes every relic guitar himself, so you know that any Bravewood 1964 Jazz Bass you find is going to have hours of personal attention and love put into it.  Because he builds each one, you’ll also know that your 1964 Jazz Bass is going to be one of a very limited number.  If you want a very unique instrument, a Bravewood guitar, no matter which model you pick, is going to be one of only a handful.

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