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When it comes to relic guitars, you have a couple of options.  bravewood-guitarsYou can either purchase a mass produced relic guitar from a company like Fenders, or you can have a relic guitar custom built for you by one of the several master builders out there.  These people love creating unique relic guitars.  Some wait until a client contacts them with specifics, but some are always working on a new relic guitar, even if they have no customer lined up.  Bravewood Guitars is one of the second.  Actually, Bravewood Guitars no longer takes customer orders.

Bravewood Guitars is owned by John Elliott, the man who makes each and every relic guitar Bravewood offers.  At one point, John offered to build almost any guitar imaginable, but in recent years, he has begun only offering relic guitars for sale.  However, his attention to detail and his craftsmanship are at the highest level.  John is truly dedicated to making outstanding relic guitars.  Because of this, he doesn’t offer (or have time) to do much else.  While some guitar builders will build custom fingerboards or other parts for people, apply a relic finish to other guitars, and offer other services, John no longer does anything but build relic guitars.  This means you’ll have to look elsewhere if you want any of these services or if you want to place an order for a specific type of relic guitar.

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Originally posted 2009-06-04 20:14:54.

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  1. Bravewood guitars are the best out there BAR NONE! The S type and B type that he custom made for me has proven themselves time and time again. I normally do not waste my time writing reviews or comments on instruments but with John’s work…I will always make an exception when given the chance.

    As a guitar and instrument dealer, I have owned and sold many guitars from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. I have also witness the big jump in vintage guitar prices in the late seventies and early 80’s thanks to the like of SRV and other artist.

    Believe it or not, contrary to popular belief, not all vintage Strats and Teles are tonally fantastic! I had some that were not playable at all, because the pick-up. neck etc came out of the production line all whack! Meaning, it would play but the sound was just not there! Honestly. These are the ones that would be great dis-played. Get it?

    I currently own an all original 62′ Stratocaster a 1968 Telecaster with bigsby along with some vintage D’angelico’s and a D’Aquisto in my collection among other keepers that I did not have the heart to sell.

    I’m not claiming to be an expert, but I have played John’s creations and, the look, sound and feel of his guitars were up to par if not better with the vintage Fenders that I currently owned.

    Bottom line…take away the guitar’s look and feel and your left with the SOUND. John’s guitar’s have THE SOUND and the rest is just icing on the cake!

    My suggestion…get them while they are available on his web site! If your lucky enough.

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