50th-anniversary-1959-les-paul-standardFor many a serious player and collector, the 1959 Les Paul Standard is a guitar that not only helped to shape an entire generation of guitar players, but also was born at a time when the electric guitar was an item that was intended to be both lasting and beautiful.  It is because of this that the company decided to go ahead and create a replica of this guitar so that players in the modern era will be able to experience what it was like to play on this wonderful piece of machinery.  In fact, Gibson went to such lengths as to make sure that the new guitars almost precisely matched the measurements and the period details of the original machines. Read more


In 2000, Tom Murphy created a relic guitar based upon the 1957 Les Paul Gold Top guitar.  He and the Gibson Custom Shop did everything possible to make this new guitar identical to the ones created over 50 years ago, and they have done an excellent job.  You could compare a 1957 Les Paul Gold Top to this relic guitar, and you’d find them nearly identical.  The attention to every small detail is outstanding, but you wouldn’t expect anything less from Gibson, would you? Read more