The Grosh ElectraJet model has several different variants, including the ElectraJet VT.  This modern classic guitar takes the original ElectraJet model and tweaks it just a bit, giving it a thicker sound and giving it a telecaster type configuration.  This gives it a lot of fat and thickness, but it can still chime and twang like an ElectraJet.  The biggest change that creates this tone is the change in the body’s shape.  The lower horn is extended, creating a beefed up telecaster that has a lot of versatility.

The ElectraJet VT’s body is made from Southern swamp ash that is fairly lightweight.  The neck is made from one piece of clear maple doing in a medium large roundback style.  It has a ten inch radius and features German Jesca 6150 medium fretwire.  It uses Gotoh Vintage T style brass saddles and has a chrome cover neck with an exposed bubbin bridge.  The bridge pickup is a Don Grosh Hand-wound EJVT, while the neck is a Standard T pickup.  The guitar has a four way selector switch—bridge, neck, bridge and neck in parallel, and bridge and neck in series.

The ElectraJet VT is very nicely balanced and ergonomically balanced.  It’s versatile enough to play everything from jazz and blues to country to rock.  You’ll get a lot of out this guitar.  It comes in a number of different colors and retails for $2,689. Read more

The Grosh Guitars Baritone is a modern looking guitar that invokes the look and feel of an older model.  The Baritone is based on the ElectraJet, but it’s so much more than just an imitation guitar.  This guitar is halfway between a bass and a guitar, making it something a bit different.  It has a deep, full tone but it can also bite and has a twang to it.  This makes it a very versatile guitar.  It’s very balanced and feels perfectly natural against your body, too, so playing it is like a dream.

The body is made from swamp ash.  It’s lightly cambered.  The neck is made from maple and Indian rosewood, although there are some options.  You can go with a one piece maple neck, or a maple/Brazilian rosewood or maple/Madagascar rosewood, although these upgrades do cost extra.  The neck is done in a medium/large roundback.  For the fingerboard, Grosh went with a ten inch radius.  The guitar uses 6150 medium jump frets, and it uses chrome hardware.  The tuners are locking Kluson tuners. Read more

One of the most famous guitars designed by Don Grosh and manufactured by Grosh Guitars is the Retro Classic.  This line of guitars includes the Retro Classic, the Retro Classic T, the Retro Classic Vintage T, the Retro Classic Hollow T, and the Retro Classic Standard.  Each bring the level of the classic California style guitar up to the next level, and they all produce some amazing sounds.  The Retro Classics line is known as one of the best line of vintage guitars produced, and they create some amazing tones.  Like all of the Grosh guitars, the Retro Classics are made from only the finest materials available.

All of the Grosh Guitar Retro Classics are perfectly balanced and feature new, refined ergonomic designs.  They are created from Tap Tone matched old growth woods that look amazing, and there are many different finishes, tones, and options for you to choose from. All of the guitars have top fret access and can produce very complex acoustic tones.  They are made out of master grade swamp ash and alder, and the finishes are all done using ultra-thin nitro cellulose lacquer.  To give them that great vintage look, a special technique is applied to the fret dressing and fingerboards to give it a broken in, worn look. Read more

Grosh Custom Carve TopThe Grosh Custom Carve Top is a part of Grosh Guitars’ bolt-on maple top guitars line.  These guitars feature mahogany bodies with a maple neck bolted on.  Each one blends these two woods to create a great sound that captures both great lows and mids as well as rich highs.  Each has a nice balanced body and is covered in an ultra-thin nitro cellulose lacquer finish.  They also have fingerboard and fret dressing that gives them that great vintage, relic guitar look that players love.

The Custom Carve Top Relic Guitar comes in either T or S shape.  The fingered maple is a bit thicker than other Grosh guitars such as the Bent Top and the Flat Top.  This gives the maple a more pronounced influence on the guitar’s tone.  The wood is also carved in a continuous radius, giving it a curvy look that you just can’t beat.

The Grosh Custom Carve Top features the exclusive Grosh Modified Gotoh 1088 T Tremolo, the Tone Pro Tune-o-matic, a vintage flat mount hardtail, and either a Floyd Rose locking tremolo or a wrap around pigtail.  Overall, it’s a great guitar for hard rock or metal. Read more

The Grosh Guitars TurboJet model is visually based on the ElectraJet, but while the TurboJet and ElectraJet may share some of the same lines and body shape, the TurboJet is all rock.  It features a mahogany body and uses either a flame maple or a 5A quilt top.  This helps the guitar deliver those amazingly thick, complex, and rich tones that it is known for.  Every TurboJet body is made from master grade old growth mahogany, and each is genuine.  The tops are made from AAAAA figured wood as well, and this combination creates firm lows and harmonically rich highs.  The body’s shape also helps create tighter lows and puts more of a punch in the mids.  This creates an openness that is simply unmatched by any other guitar with a mahogany/maple combination.

When this body combination is enhanced by the new Grosh humbucking pickups, the TubroJet becomes one very rocking guitar.  The TurboJet also features a five way switch, which means that a player can get just about any tone from the instrument.  Its very innovative design mixed with the classic style that all Grosh guitars feature creates a guitar that is natural, balanced, and sounds great.

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Grosh Guitars has created yet another great relic guitar in the form of the Sunset ’79.  This relic guitar is based on the late 70s and early 80s models that dominated the hard rock scene in southern California.  The Sunset ’79 has a one piece maple neck, rear-routed electronics, and dual Grosh Blown 59 humbuckers that are mounted right onto the body.  These three features make the Sunset ’79 a focused, aggressive instrument.  The Sunset ’79 is the first Grosh guitar to be designed from the beginning using a Floyd Rose tremolo.

The Sunset ’79 has a distinctive offset body design that creates a signature look that is both similar to other guitars while at the same time uniquely different.  It has a modified D back shaped neck that has been created just for the Sunset by Don Grosh.  The body is made from alder, but a swamp ash body is also an option.  It’s done in a nitrocellulose lacquer finish, has a 12 inch fingerboard radius, and uses 6100 jumbo frets.  The hardware is done in chrome, and the guitar has a 3-way switch, volume, and tone controls.  The Sunset ’79 base price is $3,099.

Grosh Guitars has created many different models of relic guitar, but they believe that their Set Neck model may actually be one of their finest instruments.  It took some time, intense thought, and even a bit of obsession to create the Set Neck model.  They pulled inspiration from the Ted McCarty design, but the guitar isn’t a derivative of it or any other model.  In fact, the Grosh Set Neck actually fixes many of the balance and neck access issues that plagued the McCarty.

The Set Neck Limited features a long tenon joint placed just under the neck pickup and has a double action truss rod.  The balanced design makes it very comfortable and easy to play this guitar both standing and sitting, and it’s all hand-crafted.  The limited differentiates itself from the other Grosh Set Neck models by features special inlays and other, more vibrant and luxurious details.  It is available with either dual P-90s or a dual humbucker, features Tonepro’s TOM/stop tail bridge, and has many other options.  The body and neck bindings are full grained Ivoroid, and the guitar features a full 22 frets.  It is available from all Grosh Guitar dealers.