The Malden Mozak is a great relic guitar that is based on the 50s Duo Sonic design.  This relic features a basic tele setup that has a nice, lightweight and well balanced body.  The instrument is done in a semi S style body.  It’s like a great Fender guitar, but…

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The Malden Utopia is a great looking and sounding relic guitar that feels just like any classic instrument.  It is set up like a Stratocaster, which adds to this classic look and feel, and it’s a fairly flexible guitar that can be used to play many different types of music. …

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The Malden Liquid relic guitar is a great offset-bodied instrument that features a bolt-neck and looks somewhat like a very plain Fender Jazzmaster.  However, it also brings in some Firebird features, such as the two P-90 pickups and the pickup selector that is located forward.  The instrument features a body…

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