wilson-brothers-venture-vm-10-relic-guitarThe VM-10 is one of two models that are made in China (the other is the VPB-30).  All other Venture style guitars are crafted in Korea.  The Wilson Brothers Venture VM-10 is a strat-style guitar that looks amazingly retro and sounds even better.  This electric guitar features an agates, flat top body and has a neck made from maple that is bolted on using a smooth joint.  It features 22F frets and a rosewood fingerboard.

As far as the rest of the hardware goes, everything on the VM-10 is top quality.  It features three single coil pickups and chrome hardware.  The guitar has one volume control and two tone controls, plus a five way selector switch.  For finishes, you can get the Venture VM-10 in five different styles: black, red, white, sunburst, or wine red.  This is one of the first Venture guitars to be made, and while it may lack some of the extra features that other models have, it’s certainly a classic.  You just can’t go wrong with a Wilson Brothers Venture VM-10.

Many people out there are looking for a relic guitar that sounds great, looks great, and is overall just a cool instrument.  wilson-brothers-venture-vm-50There are a number of relic guitars that fit this bill, but few are as cool as the Wilson Brothers Venture VM-50.  It comes in the classic Ventures body shape that is instantly recognizable.  It has a small C style neck and features outstanding pickups—it uses two APS9 single coil pickups.  Its tremolo switch is very similar to what you’d find on a Jazzmaster, but this guitar is not a clone of any other model.  It’s a very unique instrument, and you won’t find any other instrument with these tones. Read more

Wilson’s line of Ventures guitars is very popular.  These relic guitars look and sound amazing, and you’ll swear you were playing a guitar from decades ago.  The Wilson Ventures VM-65 is like owning a small piece of history.  wilson-ventures-vm-65This is one of the most famous guitar designs ever, and it has been completely constructed from scratch to create a very different and innovative instrument.  It might look like other relic guitars, but it’s got that Ventures touch that makes it different from anything else.

The VM-65 features a small C style neck and Seymour Duncan pickups.  It also have a tremolo setup that is similar to Jazzmaster guitars, although it’s slightly different.  The Ventures VM-65 also features zero fret and a great vintage setup that is like the VCM 2002.  But don’t think that just because the VM-65 resembles two other guitars in some aspects that it’s not original—this great guitar has its own unique look, and it’s certainly not a copy of anything.

The Ventures VM-65 uses an agathis body and a rosewood fingerboard.  It has 22 frets and a maple neck that is bolted on.  You’ll find three controls: volume, tone, and a three way selector.

There are some relic guitars that just look amazing, and the Ventures VM-110 by the Wilson Brothers is one of these guitars.  It’s a recreation of one of the hottest 1960s mosrite guitars, a guitar that was actually endorsed by The Ventures during that time.  wilson-brothers-ventures-vm-110This great relic guitar does more than just look great, of course.  It also sounds wonderful.  The Ventures VM-110 has a small C style neck and features pickups designed by Seymour Duncan.  It has a flawless finish and has some great fretwork.  Overall, the entire instrument looks like something out of a time warp, but it doesn’t sound ancient.

The Ventures VM-110 features an agathis body with a carved top.  The tremolo and bridge are both great vintage pieces, and the fingerboard is a nice rosewood.  The guitar features 22 frets and dot inlays as well as a bolted on maple neck.  This hot red guitar has a white pickguard and Duncan design single coil soap bars to finish it all off.  It’s really a cool looking relic, especially for someone looking for an instrument that has a bit of a flash to it.  If you’re a lead guitarist who wants to impress the audience, check out the Ventures VM-110.