Danelectro Guitars 67 Hornet Guitar


The ’67 Hornet Guitar by Danelectro Guitars is a great relic guitar that was reissued in a very limited run by Danelectro. danelectro-guitars-67-hornet-guitarThe guitar was also a limited model back when it was originally released, so Danelectro is staying faithful to the history of this great relic guitar. Just like the original, the company expects these reissues to sell out very quickly and to become a collector’s item. The ’67 Hornet Guitar is available in a number of different colors, all of which were available in 1967 when the Hornet was first produced. They include red, orange, black, limey (green), cobalt blue, and butterscotch.

The Hornet relic guitar features a solid basswood body and is done in the classic Dano construction style. The maple neck features an adjustable truss rod located at the headstock, and the tremolo is an original Danelectro. Both the bridge and the fingerboard are made from swivel rosewood, and the guitar also features some neat souped-up lipstick pickups. An aluminum nut, plastic knobs, and 10 gauge strings finish up the stats on this great relic. Danelectro actually recommends changing those strings out for an 11 gauge because of the tremolo bar. One of the great things about the ’67 Hornet is that the company has done their best to make it completely affordable to everyone—the guitar is only $399 if bought directly from Danelectro.

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