Grosh Guitars ElectraJet VT

Grosh Guitars ElectraJet VT

The Grosh ElectraJet model has several different variants, including the ElectraJet VT.  This modern classic guitar takes the original ElectraJet model and tweaks it just a bit, giving it a thicker sound and giving it a telecaster type configuration.  This gives it a lot of fat and thickness, but it can still chime and twang like an ElectraJet.  The biggest change that creates this tone is the change in the body’s shape.  The lower horn is extended, creating a beefed up telecaster that has a lot of versatility.

The ElectraJet VT’s body is made from Southern swamp ash that is fairly lightweight.  The neck is made from one piece of clear maple doing in a medium large roundback style.  It has a ten inch radius and features German Jesca 6150 medium fretwire.  It uses Gotoh Vintage T style brass saddles and has a chrome cover neck with an exposed bubbin bridge.  The bridge pickup is a Don Grosh Hand-wound EJVT, while the neck is a Standard T pickup.  The guitar has a four way selector switch—bridge, neck, bridge and neck in parallel, and bridge and neck in series.

The ElectraJet VT is very nicely balanced and ergonomically balanced.  It’s versatile enough to play everything from jazz and blues to country to rock.  You’ll get a lot of out this guitar.  It comes in a number of different colors and retails for $2,689.

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