James Trussart Steelphonic


The James Trussart Steelphonic relic guitar features a great classic design.  The guitar is designed to not only sound amazing but look amazing, too—you haven’t seen a relic guitar with this look before, that’s guaranteed.  james-trussart-steelphonicIt’s also built using a very unique design that really captures the metallic tones of the resonator guitar.  However, it plays and feels like an electric.  This sound comes from the way the guitar is built.  It is based around a metal “candy box” that’s connected to a transducer pickup.  The guitar also features two other magnetic pickups, and the sounds from all of them can be blended together to create sounds no other guitar is capable of.

The Steelphonic features a hollow steel body with a bolted on maple neck.  The neck also features a recessed steel head cap, and it can be done in the shape of either a relic from 1959 or 1960.  It has a rosewood fingerboard with medium jumbo #6130 frets.  The Steelphonic features a custom hard tail style bridge and custom B-Band pickups and preamp.  As far as controls go, it has magnetic pickup and a resonator pickup volume controls, plus a three way toggle switch.

The patterns and colors available are very intricate and interesting.  James Trussart himself worked for years to come up with his unique finishes, and you’re sure to find one you like.

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Originally posted 2009-09-19 23:50:27.

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