James Trussart SteelX

James Trussart SteelX

The James Trussart SteelX relic guitar, like all of the guitars made by Trussart, is of excellent quality and sound.  The SteelX has a very unique sound to it.  It’s different from the other Trussart guitars, and it sounds different from just about anything else out there, too.  There are several different reasons for this, but the main reason is in how the guitar is constructed.  It uses a perforated top, features a Korina set neck, and has a Tune O Matic bridge.  The SteelX also uses Arcane Inc. humbuckers and is done in a steel finish that looks incredible.  It’s also put through a relic process so that it doesn’t look like it just rolled off the assembly line.

Another very interesting and different thing about the SteelX is the guitar’s body shape.  It’s almost shaped like an X, giving the body of the guitar a great visual appeal.  This guitar looks great when you’re playing heavy metal or other rock.  It’s certainly not going to be mistaken for any other type of guitar!  Of course, the cost of the SteelX has been noted as being a bit pricy.  However, don’t let that stop you.  The James Trussart SteelX is worth the cost.

No Videos On The James Trussart SteelX But Check Out This Demo Of The Steel Deville

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