Jay Munn Custom and Relic Guitars


Jay Munn is a master guitar builder who loves working with others to create amazing custom and relic guitars.  He knows that most people will never be able to own a true vintage guitar, but he can at least help them own a guitar that has the look and feel of an instrument created decades ago.  jay-munnHe’s dedicated to making amazing relic guitars to your specifications, and he does a great job of it.  Jay will also work with you to create a custom guitar if you like.

Jay will also apply the relic process to different parts of your guitar.  If you just need a relic neck for your guitar, Jay will apply his relic techniques and create for you an amazing neck, pickguard, and fretguard.  As with many relic guitar builders, Jay prefers his customers to send him the neck they’ve picked out and like.  Guitars are a very personal instrument, after all, and he wants to be certain you have that special bond with your relic guitar that all great players have.

Another of Jay’s areas of expertise is in "relic-ing" metal parts.  He has developed and perfected his technique of taking a shiny new metal part and adding scratches, rust, tarnish, and much more.  You simply can’t pick out the "relic-ed" piece from a piece that really is 40 years old.  If you just need to replace a few metal pieces on your relic guitar, Jay sells items individually.  You can also send him pieces for him to relic.

Check out his site at http://www.jaymunnguitars.com/

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Originally posted 2009-06-06 19:56:08.

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