K-Line Guitars Springfield

K-Line Guitars Springfield

The Springfield by K-Line Guitars is a double-cutaway guitar that is designed to work great for rock, country, and blues.  It’s a great electric guitar that many others are judged by.  It was done in a double-cutaway before that design caught on, and as one of the first, it’s now seen as a classic guitar that many electric players love.  It was designed by master builder Chris Kroenlein, who sought to improve the double-cutaway classic design.  He did this by changing the angle of the neck pocket to give the Springfield a better tone and more intonation.  He also made the tremolo system smoother to operate and added high quality electronics.  The result was a guitar that looks and sounds like a vintage instrument but plays so much better.

The Springfield uses swamp ash or select alder for the body.  The neck is done in a U shape with a heel truss rod adjust.  Different woods choices are available.  You can also customize the body with different woods if you like.  The fretboard has a ten inch radius and a rolled-edge.  The Springfield uses a Wilkinson vintage bridge and Gotoh SD-91 tuners.  For pickups, you can choose between Lollar Dirty Blonde or Klein K-Line Customs.  There are other options, of course, but they do cost extra.  The guitar is done in a nitrocellulose lacquer and comes in more than 20 different colors.  You can select no aging, light aging, or special order heaving aging.

For more info you can visit the K-Line website: http://www.k-lineguitars.com/theguitars_springfield.php

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