K-Line Time Kapsule Series


K-Line’s series of relic guitars are known for many things.  They use wood that has been sourced for the best most resonant tonal response possible.  The necks are made to perfectly match the body so as to maximize the resonance and tone.  Despite this, however, K-Line does its best to keep the prices down on their relics, making sure that they are affordable for just about everyone.

One of the new series from K-Line is the Time Kapsule Series.  The necks are made just like those of every other K-Line series: they have hand contoured fingerboard edges so that it feels like they’ve got 40 years of wear on them.  These guitars are vintage tinted and hand rubbed so that they have a very smooth feeling.  They also use a hand rubbed nitro finish instead of poly sealers.  The hardware is brand new, however, and isn’t rusted.  The Time Kapsule Series is designed for those who love their relic guitars and want to really sound great.  The Time Kapsule guitars come in a number of different colors.

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