Malden Mozak


The Malden Mozak is a great relic guitar that is based on the 50s Duo Sonic design.  malden-mozakThis relic features a basic tele setup that has a nice, lightweight and well balanced body.  The instrument is done in a semi S style body.  It’s like a great Fender guitar, but it has an interesting twist to it that makes it a little different.  The Mozak is a fun, different type of relic that many enjoy.  If you’re looking for a great guitar that has an authentic twang to it, this is the instrument for you.

The Malden Mozak is faithful recreation of the guitars produced in the 50s.  It has cast-bodied tuners, a chrome plated steel bridge, and has three brass saddles.  The entire thing is done in a great three-toned sunburst that has some amazing highlights.  This all combines to make a guitar that looks like it’s been around for years and that you might find at a pawnshop.

The body of this relic guitar is made out of alder, and it features a bolted on maple rosewood neck.  It has 21 narrow and tall frets and two Alinico single coil pickups.  While the sunburst finish is the traditional, you can also find the Malden Mozak in a cream.  Either way, it’s an amazing relic that will remind you of one of the best of the 50s guitars.

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Originally posted 2009-09-19 23:51:01.

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