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Despite the name, there’s nothing crooked about Crook Custom Guitars.  Instead, this small custom guitar builder is dedicated to creating some of the best guitars and basses ever.  They are quite exclusive, though—Crook’s only does a small number of instruments each year.  relic-guitarThey’re so in demand that even some celebrities and influential people in the music world have asked Crook’s to build a guitar for them.

One of the things Crook’s prides itself on is creating a guitar that’s absolutely perfect for you.  They won’t just pick out parts of your guitar.  Instead, they’ll actively work with you to select the wood used in the guitar, the electronics, and the finish.  They also have a number of specialized bits of hardware and pickups for you to select from.  Then you get to pick the finish.  In addition to amazing colors and showroom quality finishes, they also do relic finishes so you can have your very own relic guitar that looks like it’s been around for years.

In addition to building custom guitars, Crook’s will also refinish your instruments.  They will apply relic finishes to any guitar, including adding aged plastic parts and rusted hardware.

One thing not addressed on the Crook Custom Guitars website is price.  Instead, you’ll have to fill out their contact form and specify exactly what you need from Crook’s to get an estimate.

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Originally posted 2009-06-20 09:48:13.

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