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Relic Guitars, a website that can be found at, is an independent custom and relic guitar company.  relic-guitarsWhile some custom guitar makers are one-person jobs, the Relic Guitars company is a team effort.  One of their goals is to capture the feel and vibe of every guitar they work on while at the same time making their custom guitars as affordable as possible.  Why, after all, should a relic guitar cost anywhere near as much as the real thing?

Relic Guitars offers a number of services.  First, you can select just how reliced you want your guitar.  You can have it lightly reliced so that it only looks a few years older or heavily reliced, making it look like it’s been played for years.  Note, though that the company will no longer relic any guitar that they don’t finish.  This is because a lot of guitars today are being finished with a poly-type paint, which the company doesn’t really like or approve of.  It can be hard to achieve a good relic look with these poly-type finishes.  Like most custom and relic guitar builders, Relic Guitars won’t apply any decals or other labels to your guitar because of copyright laws.

Interested in seeing some of the work that the Relic Guitars company can do?  Check out their website for images and information about guitars they’ve worked on the in the past.  You won’t be disappointed in their work, and you may see an instrument on their site that you’d love to have.

Originally posted 2009-06-09 13:24:23.

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