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Revelator Guitars prides themselves on creating “the finest in playable works of art.”  Their custom and relic guitars really do approach art.  Just take a look at the 1961 Revelator Vintage Fiesta Red S or the faded relic Sonic Blue S.  revelator-guitarsBoth look outstanding, and anyone who loves relic guitars will find these two and the many others offered by Revelator Guitars to be simply amazing.

Revelator Guitars offers a number of different custom and relic guitars for sale.  They usually have a fairly low number of guitars available at any one time, though, so if you see one you absolutely love, it’s a good idea to contact the company about it right away.  They also list guitars they are currently working on so you can have an idea of what’s going to be available.  While Revelator Guitars doesn’t offer relicing services, they do sell various relic guitar parts.  You can order pick guards, knobs, tremolo covers, pickup covers, aged hardware, and aged switch tips for relic Stratocasters and telecasters.

One of the downsides to the Revelator Guitars website is that they don’t offer any prices or really much information at all.  Instead, you have to email the craftsmen themselves and ask for extra details.  Other than that, Revelator Guitars produces some very fine instruments and parts.  Relic guitar lovers will find that they’re another great source for relic guitars.

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Originally posted 2009-06-13 19:00:47.

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