picture-6Would you love to have a great Fender SRV relic guitar?  Well, it may not be possible to find one yourself—Fender, while creating many different amazing relic guitars, hasn’t actually made a Fender SRV relic yet!  However, if you’re into doing things yourself, you can hope over to the website and follow their step by step instructions for turning your Fender SRV reproduction into a great looking relic guitar.

The only current available SRV model looks brand new.  Its polyurethane coating actually makes certain that it will never end up with those natural dings and scratches.  Fortunately, if you own a Fender Strat, you can easily turn it into a relic by following the SRVGuitar instructions.  They recommend you start with a three tone sunburst Fender with a full alder body, but of course you can use any guitar you want.  The website itself is actually focused on the Fender that Stevie Ray Vaughan used (the one he called #1).  In fact, after you learn how to relic your guitar, you can read up on the history of Vaughan and his Stratocaster.

While SRVGuitar may not be for everyone (it’s completely understandable if you don’t want to risk damaging your guitar in a do-it-yourself accident), it is for anyone who wants a cool relic SRV.  If you’re a fan of Stevie Ray Vaughan, you may especially enjoy the information on the site and the instructions for creating your own replica of his famous instrument.

Originally posted 2009-07-16 14:51:32.

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