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picture-2Building your own relic guitar can be difficult, especially if you can’t find the parts you need.  There are a number of different parts shops online, including Tricked Out Guitar.  This site features a number of different products that you may need when building your own guitar, whether it’s a relic guitar or not.  You can also find replacement parts here in case your guitar is in need of repair.

While Tricked Out Guitar doesn’t focus exclusively on relic guitars, it does offer many pieces of hardware that relic guitars need.  You can find bridges, plates, knobs, tail pieces, and more.  They even have a category for “Relik” parts.  These parts range from plastic to metal, and the crew of Tricked Out Guitar relics each and every piece themselves using their own relic techniques.  If you’ve got your own parts, you can also send them to Tricked Out Guitar and they will age them for you.  Many of the reliced parts they offer are genuine original vintage parts, including parts by Fender, Wilkinson, and Gretsch.

Tricked Out Guitar has pretty average prices, although you may balk a bit when you see how much their relic parts go for.  However, they do show you the list price so you can compare it to their price, and you do save a good amount of money.  If you want them to age some of your own hardware, you’ll have to email them for a quote.  While they may not be the cheapest site, Tricked Out Guitar does have a great selection of parts and their prices aren’t outrageous.

Originally posted 2009-07-23 19:36:17.

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