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Looking to have a superior quality vintage or relic guitar made?  Want a new custom guitar?  If so, check out Virtual Vintage Guitars.  This website and the team of guitar builders behind it have been involved in the world of creating guitars for more than thirty years.  virtual-vintage-guitarsThey can build collectible, custom, vintage, Fender, Stuart, and Gibson relic and custom instruments.  Just tell them what you want, and they’ll put together an instrument you’ll love playing.

Virtual Vintage Guitar has some of the best classic guitars in their inventory along with some more modern instruments.  In addition to their list of guitars for sell, they also feature a private collection that contains some of the rarest guitars around.  They also offer amps to go along with their guitars.  Their entire business began when the owner, Jason C. Allen, first heard Eric Clapton.  Allen was only ten at the time, but he knew that guitars were going to be his life.

While Virtual Vintage Guitars has a number of unique instruments for sale, and they will work with you to build a relic guitar or custom guitar of your own, it doesn’t look like they offer relicing services.  It’s not specifically mentioned on their website, so if you would like Virtual Vintage Guitars to relic one of your instruments or parts of an instrument, you’ll have to contact them and inquire about cost and such.

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Originally posted 2009-06-12 14:02:25.

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