The AXL Guitars Marquee El Dorado is unique to the AXL guitar series in that is has a different vintage-inspired body.  The El Dorado comes with a solid alder body, a maple or rosewood fretboard, and a pickguard that is exclusive to this guitar.  It also features two single coil alnico pickups and die-cast chrome tuners. The whole package comes together to deliver a beefy, warm tone (for a single coil guitar) in a great looking axe.

You’ll find a fixed, string thru body bridge on the El Dorado along with a C neck that is bolted on.  The guitar comes in a number of different colors, including red, black, blue, light blue, white, and sunburst.  All of them have a unique headstock binding except for the sunburst model.  The El Dorado’s specs are rounded out with a volume and a tone control.

How much does one of these unique El Dorado models cost?  They won’t set you back too much.  The standard price is around $165.  That’s very affordable for a guitar of this quality.

For more info check out the AXL website