Eastwood Guitars Airline 59 CoronadoThe ’59 Coronado is another great entry in the Eastwood Guitars Airline selection of instruments.  The ’59 Coronado is a tribute to the Supro Coronado that was originally made by Res-O-Glas.  Newer artists like Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys use the Supro Coronado for it's classic tone. But back to the '59 Coronado...this guitar sounds and plays amazing, and looks super cool too.  It’s got a unique shine to it, and you can be pretty sure that you won’t see too many out there playing a similar style axe, particularly at local gigs.

While the Coronado is based on the Res-O-Glas model, it has been upgraded.  The Coronado features a tone-chambered mahogany body.  It also features rubber body bindings and a Tone Pros bridge.  These are all differences from the original model.  In addition to the mahogany body, the new model has a bolted-on, bound Maple neck and a rosewood fingerboard with block markers.  It uses Alnico Hot-10 humbuckers and a BIGSBY tremolo.  The instrument has two volume controls, two tone controls, and a three way switch with a vintage switchplate.  It uses Grover style hardware in nickel and chrome. Read more

The Airline line of guitars was created by VALCO back in 1958, and they produced these instruments up through 1968.  They were sold exclusively through Montgomery Ward.  While the run was limited, these instruments were very popular, and a number of famous guitarists still play them today.  While finding an original Airline Town and Country can be difficult, Eastwood Guitars’ reissue is a great duplicate and faithfully recreates the sound of the older instrument.

The Town and Country DLX features a mahogany body with tone chambers.  The neck is bolted on and is made from bound maple.  The rosewood fingerboard has block markers on it.  The guitar uses two Airline vintage voiced single coil pickups and one Alnico hot-10 pickup.  The five way adjustable roller bridge, Bigsby licensed tremolo, and vintage Kluson style nickel and chrome hardware complete the look.  The Town and Country DLX has two unique features: a striped pickguard and rubber body binding.  It features a three way switch, three volume controls, three tone controls, and a master volume control.  The guitar usually retails for $1,499, although it can be found for less than $1,200.  It usually comes with a deluxe case. Read more

The Eastwood Guitars Sidejack DLX series of relic guitars are based on the 1960s Mosrite guitar.  These guitars were built in the US and were very popular during the 1960s, thanks in part to the Ventures.  The Mosrites features a very distinctive shape that has a reserved Stratocaster look to it.  The Sidejack DLX keeps this very distinctive look for all three of its different models.

The Sidejack features a bound solid basswood body and a bound maple set neck.  The fingerboard is made from rosewood and features dot markers.  The guitar has two vintage EW P-90 pickups and a three way switch.  It also has a volume and a tone control.  The bridge is a Pro adjustable roller bridge and has fender style tremolo.  All of the hardware on the Sidejack DLX is made from either Gotoh nickel/chrome or gold.  The body and nick binding is unique to this guitar, as is the slim tapered neck profile.  If you’d like to own one of these instruments for yourself, the going retail price is $579.  The Sidejack DLX is available in either sunburst, black, greenburst, or metallic blue. Read more

Eastwood Guitars has made a number of different models over the years.  One of their great old fashioned relic guitars is the Eastwood GP.  This guitar is certainly a classic.  It features a mahogany body with a set neck made out of mahogany as well.  The fingerboard is done in rosewood with block markers.  Its scale length is 24 and 3/4 inches, and the guitar is 1 11/16th inches wide at the nut.  It also features dual super-2 humbuckers and Gotoh nickel and chrome hardware.

The Eastwood GP has three way switching and two volume and two tone controls.  The bridge is a five-way adjustable wrap-around.  One of the unique features of the Eastwood GP is the contoured maple top.  The guitar comes in three finishes: black, cherryburst, and LH black.  Eastwood retails the Eastwood GP for $899, which isn’t a bad price for a guitar of this caliber.

If you are someone who is looking for a classic guitar that has been passed on to the modern era, then you might want to check out Eastwood Guitars.  airline-mapThis company is one that has worked to revive the Airline guitars, which was a brand that was very popular during the 1960’s and late 1950’s.  For classic rock aficionados, these guitars are pieces of history that bring forth a little extra soul and spirit into the music.  However, it can be difficult to find a classic Airline guitar as the original models are now priced at more than three thousand dollars, and can be quite hard to come by.  So, if you are looking to use this brand of guitar, then you might want to look at these newly redone models to see if they fit with your purposes.

The Airline MAP is a guitar that will not only look cool, but it will also work to make sure that your sound is one that is unique.  In fact, bands today like The White Stripes and The Cure use the Airline MAP guitar for this very reason.  If you use this tribute guitar then you will have the option of buying the model in four colors: red, black, white and seafoam green.  Not only this, but it has two volume and a single tone control as well as a roller bridge and BIGSBY tremolo.  The guitar looks much like the traditional model did that was released in the fifties and sixties, but it is much more affordable.

Eastwood Guitars has revived the Airline brand of relic guitars from the late 1950s and 1960s.  eastwood-airline-59-2pThese awesome guitars have been played by a number of great players, including guitarists for the Cure, Calexico, White Stripes, and David Bowie.  The Airline guitars were originally produced from 1958 to 1968 by VALCO and were sold exclusively through Montgomery Ward department stores.  Original Airlines now sell for well over $2,000.

However, the Airline ’59 2P offers players a chance to get their hands on a guitar that looks and feels like one of the originals without paying that much.  The limited edition 50th anniversary model comes in either red or gold, and it features just about everything the original did.  It’s done in a mahogany body with a bolted on maple neck.  The fingerboard is made from rosewood and features block markers.  It has two Airline vintage voiced single coil pickups, a three way vintage switch, two volume controls, two tone controls, and a master volume control.  It has a tune-o-matic bridge with a custom chrome tail, and it features vintage kluson style nickel/chrome hardware.  Two unique features of the Eastwood Airline ’59 2P include its striped pickguard and its rubber body binding.

Eastwood Guitars and Joey Leone partnered together to create the Joey Leone Signature RBC Guitar.  joey-leone-signature-rbc-guitarThis great guitar represents Leone’s dream instrument, and it has everything that players want.  It took Eastwood and Leone about a year to get this guitar perfected, so you know it’s not something that’s just been thrown together.  Instead, they brought in many different industry experts to provide their opinions and thoughts on the design, and the end result is as near perfection as any single guitar can be. Read more