The Springfield by K-Line Guitars is a double-cutaway guitar that is designed to work great for rock, country, and blues.  It’s a great electric guitar that many others are judged by.  It was done in a double-cutaway before that design caught on, and as one of the first, it’s now seen as a classic guitar that many electric players love.  It was designed by master builder Chris Kroenlein, who sought to improve the double-cutaway classic design.  He did this by changing the angle of the neck pocket to give the Springfield a better tone and more intonation.  He also made the tremolo system smoother to operate and added high quality electronics.  The result was a guitar that looks and sounds like a vintage instrument but plays so much better.

The Springfield uses swamp ash or select alder for the body.  The neck is done in a U shape with a heel truss rod adjust.  Different woods choices are available.  You can also customize the body with different woods if you like.  The fretboard has a ten inch radius and a rolled-edge.  The Springfield uses a Wilkinson vintage bridge and Gotoh SD-91 tuners.  For pickups, you can choose between Lollar Dirty Blonde or Klein K-Line Customs.  There are other options, of course, but they do cost extra.  The guitar is done in a nitrocellulose lacquer and comes in more than 20 different colors.  You can select no aging, light aging, or special order heaving aging. Read more

50th-anniversary-1959-les-paul-standardFor many a serious player and collector, the 1959 Les Paul Standard is a guitar that not only helped to shape an entire generation of guitar players, but also was born at a time when the electric guitar was an item that was intended to be both lasting and beautiful.  It is because of this that the company decided to go ahead and create a replica of this guitar so that players in the modern era will be able to experience what it was like to play on this wonderful piece of machinery.  In fact, Gibson went to such lengths as to make sure that the new guitars almost precisely matched the measurements and the period details of the original machines. Read more

wilson-brothers-venture-vm-10-relic-guitarThe VM-10 is one of two models that are made in China (the other is the VPB-30).  All other Venture style guitars are crafted in Korea.  The Wilson Brothers Venture VM-10 is a strat-style guitar that looks amazingly retro and sounds even better.  This electric guitar features an agates, flat top body and has a neck made from maple that is bolted on using a smooth joint.  It features 22F frets and a rosewood fingerboard.

As far as the rest of the hardware goes, everything on the VM-10 is top quality.  It features three single coil pickups and chrome hardware.  The guitar has one volume control and two tone controls, plus a five way selector switch.  For finishes, you can get the Venture VM-10 in five different styles: black, red, white, sunburst, or wine red.  This is one of the first Venture guitars to be made, and while it may lack some of the extra features that other models have, it’s certainly a classic.  You just can’t go wrong with a Wilson Brothers Venture VM-10.