Like all of Fano’s Alt de Facto series of relic guitars, the PX6 harkens back to some of those classic guitars made during the middle of the 20th century.  fano-alt-de-facto-px6They use many of the traditional styles, parts, and are all distressed to look just like they’ve been around for decades.  Of course, they also feature some modern guitar parts and concepts like a compound radius fingerboard and Gotoh hardware.  Each Fano guitar is individually handcrafted, so even if someone else has the same model as you do, the two guitars will be slightly different.  Every Fano PX6 is unique.

The PX6 features several different body options, including korina, alder, swamp ash, and mahogany.  You also get to select from korina, maple, or mahogany for the neck.  The fingerboard can be done in rosewood, maple, or Brazilian rosewood.  The guitar features 22 frets and uses 6105 fretwire.  The back shape is done in a late 50’s round style.  The relic guitar features aged nickel hardware, Gotoh Kluson tuners, and custom Fralin P-90s.  It has a three-way toggle, volume, and tone controls.  The entire guitar is done in a distressed nitrocellulose lacquier to make it appear aged and worn.  You can actually pick your own custom pain colors if you order one of the PX6’s from Fano, plus there are some other options such as aged gold hardware and Lollar firebird pickups for you to select from.