The James Trussart Deluxe Steelcaster looks incredible both on and off the stage.  In addition to its amazing looks, this relic guitar sounds amazing, too.  As with all Trussart instruments, it comes loaded with custom features.  It looks like a well-preserved vintage guitar, but it has some of the most modern parts around, including metal appointments and an exclusive hollow steel body.  james-trussart-deluxe-steelcasterThe tone of this guitar is annunciated through the steel, giving it a very interesting sound.  It resonates within the hollow steel body, allowing you to get everything from incredibly clear tones to powerful lead tones.

The guitar features a bolt-on neck that is done in either a Fat ’52 or a ’62 style.  The fingerboard comes in three options: maple, rosewood, or ebony.  It has a nine inch radius and features narrow-tall #6105 frets.  For the pickups, the instrument comes with Trussart/Arcane single coils standard, but you have the option of using Seymour Duncan or TV Jones pickups. Read more