K-Line Guitars


There are some companies that have long been established in the relic guitar business, and then there’s K-Line Guitars, which is a fairly new relic guitar maker.  Established by Chris Kroenline in St. Louis, Missouri, K-Line Guitars has already proven itself as one of the up and coming relic guitar…

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K-Line Guitars Springfield

The Springfield by K-Line Guitars is a double-cutaway guitar that is designed to work great for rock, country, and blues.  It’s a great electric guitar that many others are judged by.  It was done in a double-cutaway before that design caught on, and as one of the first, it’s now…

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K-Line Truxton

The Truxton by K-Line guitars is a simple instrument, but it certainly doesn’t lack in sound.  This guitar is based on the single cutaway tele-style body design that has been around for decades, but K-Line puts their own unique little spin on it that turns the Truxton into a truly…

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