The James Trussart Steelmaster, like many of the James Trussart guitars, has that unique steel look and feel while using many of the most modern construction techniques.  The Steelmaster also features the recessed steel top plate, something unique to Trussart instruments.  This plate can be found in a recessed section of the face of the guitar.  The edges of the plate are covered, which makes it feel more comfortable as well as adding to its unique look.

Another exclusive to James Trussart is the chambered wood body and metal appointments.  These help add mass to the headstock and increase the Steelmaster’s sustain.  The steel used in the guitar has several different tonal advantages, helping create a classic sound that ranges from thick clean tones to heavy overdriven ones.  In addition to affecting the sound, the steel also makes the Steelmaster look amazing.  The distressed finish that makes it look like the guitar both vintage and totally unique. Read more