The Suhr Classic is a great relic guitar that has both an amazing look and a great sound.  It’s a semi-retro instrument that features an incredible playability.  suhr-classicThis guitar is built to last, and it’s so durable you’ll think it actually survived all of these years instead of being built and then put through a relic process.  Of course, the price is only a small fraction of what you’d pay for a real vintage guitar.  The tone, too, is excellent, and the guitar, like all Suhr instruments, will stay in tune for months.

The Suhr Classic features a rosewood or a maple neck, V60 pickups, and medium SS frets.  It’s available in a multitude of colors, including Sherwood Green Metallic, Candy Apple Red, Two-Tone Sunburst, Dakota Red Tort, and more.  It features an alder body, and the neck is done in a 60s C vintage standard shape.  The hardware is done in chrome, and the pickguard is a 3 ply parchment.  It has a volume and tone control on the neck, and a five way switch.

If you’re looking for a great classic guitar that isn’t incredibly expensive, the Suhr Classic is exactly what you need.  Its tone is outstanding, especially when you add it to a boutique amp.

The James Trussart Deluxe Steelcaster looks incredible both on and off the stage.  In addition to its amazing looks, this relic guitar sounds amazing, too.  As with all Trussart instruments, it comes loaded with custom features.  It looks like a well-preserved vintage guitar, but it has some of the most modern parts around, including metal appointments and an exclusive hollow steel body.  james-trussart-deluxe-steelcasterThe tone of this guitar is annunciated through the steel, giving it a very interesting sound.  It resonates within the hollow steel body, allowing you to get everything from incredibly clear tones to powerful lead tones.

The guitar features a bolt-on neck that is done in either a Fat ’52 or a ’62 style.  The fingerboard comes in three options: maple, rosewood, or ebony.  It has a nine inch radius and features narrow-tall #6105 frets.  For the pickups, the instrument comes with Trussart/Arcane single coils standard, but you have the option of using Seymour Duncan or TV Jones pickups. Read more

The Vintage Guitar company is based out of the UK, and their relic guitars are co-designed with Wilkinson Parts.  vintage-v100mrpgm-lemon-dropWhile they’ve been available in the UK for more than 20 years, they’ve just now become available in other parts of the world.  These relic guitars are priced very reasonably, but just because they have low price tags does not mean that they’re not incredible guitars.  The V100MRPGM Lemon Drop, for example, is a great Vintage V100 ICON guitar.  The tone this guitar delivers has been described as absolutely amazing, and many are shocked by the sounds it can make.

The V100MRPGM features a mahogany body and neck, and the fingerboard is made from rosewood.  It has 22 frets.  The neck inlays of this relic guitar are done in pearloid crown, and it uses Wilkinson Deluxe WJ01 chrome tuners.  Likewise, the double coil pickups are made by Wilson.  The bridge is a Tune-O-Matic.  The V100MRPGM features two volume controls, two tone controls, and a three way toggle.  The finish does lack a bit in quality, but it will hold up to wear and tear, and it looks great from a distance.  This cheap yet great relic guitar is perfect for both practicing at home in your bedroom and playing before an audience.

Jay Munn is a master guitar builder who loves working with others to create amazing custom and relic guitars.  He knows that most people will never be able to own a true vintage guitar, but he can at least help them own a guitar that has the look and feel of an instrument created decades ago.  jay-munnHe’s dedicated to making amazing relic guitars to your specifications, and he does a great job of it.  Jay will also work with you to create a custom guitar if you like. Read more