Vinetto Artifact SC 56 WG


While working at Fender, Vince Cunetto was one of the designers who started the whole relic craze.  Now he creates his own relic guitars under the Vinetto brand.  One of these is the Artifact SC 56 WG.  This relic is based on one of the guitars from the mid-fifties.  vinetto-artifact-sc-56-wgIt was during this time that guitars were undergoing a change, and the Artifact SC 56 WG represents the best of those changes, including things like the change from the V neck to the C shape neck and the move from flat poles to staggered poles.

The SC 56 WG features 21 frets and has a neck made from solid maple.  The fretwire is modified vintage, and the radius is 9.5 inches.  It used bone for its nut material, and if has a Gotoh vintage style tuner.  The body itself is sold and is made out of swamp ash.  Over on the bridge, you’ll find 3 vintage brass saddles and a Glendale in-tone cold roll.  The pickguard is done in a single layer of white rigid vinyl.  The SC 56 WG features a three-way pick up selector and master tone and volume controls.  It also has lollar vintage T pickups.

This relic guitar is finished in an all nitrocellulose lacquer, and each piece is individually aged by Vince Cunetto.  This means that each instrument both looks like it has been played for years and is unique.  Because they’re hand aged, you know your SC 56 WG is not going to look like any other guitar out there, making it truly special.

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Originally posted 2009-09-29 01:22:38.

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