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Vinetto Guitars is a custom guitar shop that believes in creating the best guitars possible using both traditional methods and modern techniques.  When Vince Cunetto founded the company, he realized that while many new ideas and different techniques had been used over the past 60 years, it was the classic designs and ideas that were still the best.  vinetto-guitarOf course, he also realized that some new guitar making methods had merit, too, and so he set out to create instruments that used the best of both.  The result is a series of hand-crafted instruments that are top quality and will create amazing sounds.  The professionals at Vinetto carefully select the body and neck woods, use their own tested techniques in building the instrument, and then finish it off with an all-nitrocellulose finish.  Each and every guitar is personally checked by Vince Cunetto before it’s shipped to ensure that it meets his high standards.

Like many small guitar shops, Vinetto Guitars doesn’t take custom orders.  However, they do sell their products through a number of independent shops, and they even have some international dealers.  You can browse through their gallery of guitars online, which includes the Artifact, their signature product line.  This line includes the Legato Classic 255 guitar and other popular solid body electric styles of guitars.  These aren’t exactly relic guitars, but they are very high quality instruments.  If you want a hand-made guitar that has been created from scratch using both traditional and modern techniques, you will find Vinetto’s instruments are top quality.

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