Wilson Brothers Ventures VM-110


There are some relic guitars that just look amazing, and the Ventures VM-110 by the Wilson Brothers is one of these guitars.  It’s a recreation of one of the hottest 1960s mosrite guitars, a guitar that was actually endorsed by The Ventures during that time.  wilson-brothers-ventures-vm-110This great relic guitar does more than just look great, of course.  It also sounds wonderful.  The Ventures VM-110 has a small C style neck and features pickups designed by Seymour Duncan.  It has a flawless finish and has some great fretwork.  Overall, the entire instrument looks like something out of a time warp, but it doesn’t sound ancient.

The Ventures VM-110 features an agathis body with a carved top.  The tremolo and bridge are both great vintage pieces, and the fingerboard is a nice rosewood.  The guitar features 22 frets and dot inlays as well as a bolted on maple neck.  This hot red guitar has a white pickguard and Duncan design single coil soap bars to finish it all off.  It’s really a cool looking relic, especially for someone looking for an instrument that has a bit of a flash to it.  If you’re a lead guitarist who wants to impress the audience, check out the Ventures VM-110.

Originally posted 2009-10-02 03:25:47.

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