Wilson Ventures VM-65


Wilson’s line of Ventures guitars is very popular.  These relic guitars look and sound amazing, and you’ll swear you were playing a guitar from decades ago.  The Wilson Ventures VM-65 is like owning a small piece of history.  wilson-ventures-vm-65This is one of the most famous guitar designs ever, and it has been completely constructed from scratch to create a very different and innovative instrument.  It might look like other relic guitars, but it’s got that Ventures touch that makes it different from anything else.

The VM-65 features a small C style neck and Seymour Duncan pickups.  It also have a tremolo setup that is similar to Jazzmaster guitars, although it’s slightly different.  The Ventures VM-65 also features zero fret and a great vintage setup that is like the VCM 2002.  But don’t think that just because the VM-65 resembles two other guitars in some aspects that it’s not original—this great guitar has its own unique look, and it’s certainly not a copy of anything.

The Ventures VM-65 uses an agathis body and a rosewood fingerboard.  It has 22 frets and a maple neck that is bolted on.  You’ll find three controls: volume, tone, and a three way selector.

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